Sometimes, It’s Just Better To Shut Up

22 03 2010

It’s not enough to see it or speak it. You can regret a thousand mistakes but it doesn’t make it any more right. You can tell the same lie a thousand times but it never gets any more true.

Save your breath. If you want to indulge in your own animosity, do us all the favour by not trying to justify what’s not true. Find other ways to fool yourself.

They say a good deed is one not told so this is my time to shut the fuck up. Fuck the good deed, I’m just tired of it all. Fuck this, fuck you all.

I’m having a shit night. My sister locked me out of my own goddamn room to skype with her boyfriend or whatever. Please eh, he lives in Singapore la. At most, he’s like 45 minutes away. Lame. And my favourite streaming shit got shut down. FUCK OFF. And I may be PMS-ing. And I’m broke. I can go on all night and bore you with my petty complains and deep dark secrets but I don’t care that much.




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