I am not Fred Flintstone

22 03 2010

So a few days back, my family got a treadmill. This was my dad’s request but anyone who has seen my family knows that we all need to start getting some exercise. My mom and I are the only ones excited with the new addition to the family. My brother can’t stop laughing watching me use it, which is weird because the guy NEEDS HELP CAN?! If you’re my brother reading this, WAKE UP YOUR IDEA!

Anyway, I’ve been doing 30 – 40 minutes a day (depending on how fast I go) and trying to aim for my 2.4 time back in school. Which is insane because I was what, 16? I was one of the best runners, that I can remember but heck, that all went to shit when I stopped school. Didn’t really appreciate it back then but Miss Lim May Hua sure was a great help back then. The only thing I thought of her back in school was “She’s mean. Her life mission is to humiliate me.” and how she was ruining my life. Makes me feel like a big doofus now thinking back on it. She rocked.

Hopefully I can keep this up and start getting fit again. My lifestyle now is freaking crazy! And I probably should get proper running shoes. I’ve been doing this bare foot and OBVIOUSLY, it hurts to do -_- Should stop thinking I’m Fred Flintstone.

Running Music : A mix of the Glee soundtrack and Meshuggah’s obZen. That’s how I roll.




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