Bury The Castle

6 03 2010

I turn 21 in 4 days. Despite my shitty “situation”, my bestfriends have made it bearable. I have, tickets to see Paramore tomorrow. 🙂 Didn’t expect this but it could just be one of the best surprises of all time. Just a day before the concert, I find out I’m seeing them. The spontaneous part of it all excites me the most and I can’t thank them enough. They’re great and I love them so much. Sya, Lyn, Carmen: I love you girls like… WOAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Hahaha <333

This is the second year I’m celebrating my birthday at a concert. Hopefully next year, it’ll be at my own show. Maybe my next birthday, I can tell my bestfriends “Honestly, can you believe we crossed the world while it’s asleep?” A girl can dream.. 🙂

It's not a war no, it's not a rapture. It's PARAMORE!

In other news, we just got our draft of the posters for the Shai Hulud show. It looks pretty kickass. Hopefully, it’ll all be out after tomorrow and we can print that shit and share with the rest of the world. Woot~ Donna hand drew everything and it looks absolutely fantastic. Psyched!




2 responses

6 03 2010
Sya M.S

I see you like the birthday package I gave you. I knew you’d like it. All my hard work (as well as weeks of not telling you a single thing about what’s going on in my mind) paid off!

I may be broke now, but I’d rather stay that way to see my very own best friend smile.

Love you sis.

7 03 2010

Like I said yesterday “You da bez fweenn evaaaa!”

The package was awesome. Hippie touch much appreciated 😀

Love you too sis <333

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