The Great Misdirect

7 02 2010

So recently, I encountered a dear friend who had just newly scored himself a lovely girlfriend. They’re absolutely adorable together and I couldn’t be happier for him.

Having not seen him in a long time, I had hoped for the little highs of laughter and utter rudeness we used to share. By rude, I mean downright vulgar! Unfortunately, this was far from the case.

I don’t blame him for feeling like he should act differently with the girls in his life. I understand and respect it. However, BOYS, if you truly feel like you’re in a committed relationship, there is really no need to completely change everything you’re about when you’re with your FRIENDS. It’s fucking ridiculous!

It is incredibly frustrating to see someone change so dramatically and having no control at all over the situation. I’m not talking complete personality changes. Yes, the new chick in his life may have splattered some new traits onto his plate but I’m all for that. But there’s this disconnection. It kills me.

I don’t blame the girl. I blame him. You. I hardly think she’s stopping you from having friends. What are you afraid of?




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