Officially an Apple Lover

3 02 2010

I’ve never really been materialistic. Don’t care much for the latest cool shit or whatnot. I only get things, because I need them. This laptop, I needed. I didn’t specifically need a macbook, but I felt it was time to join the club aye? If I was going to spend money on a laptop, I might as well spend it on something I have always wanted but didn’t care enough to get.

So just now, my parents were asking me if I wanted an iPhone. I hate touch screen shit with a passion so I’ve NEVER wanted an iPhone. The only time I felt like I wanted one is when I see my sister use it for horoscope apps but I figured that wasn’t a good enough reason to get one. I’ve NEVER owned an iPod. NEVER. I have a billion songs but I NEVER could afford one. The mp3, that I still have and still works, was $69. It doesn’t even have a screen but it plays music. The only beef I have with the thing is that it’s too fucking small, physically and in terms of memory. I hate deleting shit I eventually end up putting back in anyway.

So, I decided to get an iPod classic instead of an iPhone. It’s everything I could ever need. The space is too damn big but people who know me will understand. I like things.. big. 🙂




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3 02 2010


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