End Jan, Enter Feb

2 02 2010

This past week has been more hectic than I had planned. 2 shows & 2 spontaneous “chaperoning” duties within 5 days and 9 new friends made. SCORE.

Friday, 29th Jan 2010
The NTB show day was uneventful but full of events. Does that make any sense? I think not. Didn’t go into the show but hung around homeclub with a bunch of people. It was nice to catch up with our dear Netherlands friends again (as stated in my last blog) and meet the new folks on tour with them. Didn’t really get to talk to the other 2 because the night was all over the place and we were all over the place. But little did we know, this was a “to be continued” story…under unfortunate circumstances. Way home was TORTUROUS! Passed by about 4 puddles of vomit (one of which was red bean coloured) and my stupid sandals hurt like a motherfucker. GET MORE ATMS NEAR HOME CLUB CAN?!

Saturday, 30th Jan 2010
KILLER migraine. Decided to stay home and rest but my parents dragged me out of the house anyway to get my dad some new shoes. Sharks. The dude at Timberland Parkway Parade was quite good looking and was super nice and smiley. My mom literally told my dad to tip him good because she liked his face. Hahahaha I had no objections though. It’s beginning to become extremely tough to experience good service these days and when you do, it’s plain old refreshing. Kartini delivered a kickass dinner, as usual.

Sunday, 31st Jan 2010
I got a text the day before from my twin telling me Joanna was in a Go Kart accident in JB and couldn’t take the Ghost Story boys out. That poor thing got cuts and bruises all over herself from crashing into another kart and flying out of hers. Joanna and her crazy antics! So anyway, Sya & I met the Thai boys at Hangout Hostel, which was fancy pancy with the downside of torturous steep flight of the devil’s stairs (FUCK THAT SHIT). Pleasantly surprised with the well versed bunch of dudes. We took them to the venue and had a major “fuck our lives” awkward walk in to the blackhole people sleeping at the venue. Hahahaha Luckily no one there were angry wakers so it was just a laugh. Soundcheck, 2012 talk, lunch, 2nd lunch and a short walk later, I was doing merch. Weird because I’m completely hopeless with money hahaha. But I didn’t screw up that bad… I think. Had to leave before ATS & GS’ set because of work, which was a wicked ass bonercrusher but it was fun ay.

The "macam fahams" soundchecking

Monday, 1st February 2010
The plan had been to meet GS at 9am to head to Sentosa and… rock out with our cocks out before they had to leave to go back home at 5. Did neither of those. First of all, the boys didn’t even get up until about 12pm and secondly, I was told of this via text because I had to get my migraine checked out. Been having this little unwanted pest around for 2 weeks straight it was getting worst and progressively killing my groove. Soooo bummed out that I didn’t get to continue the kickass hang but hey, I’m going over to Bangkok in May for the Shai Hulud tour so not all is lost! 🙂

5 solutions to 1 problem

Tuesday, 2nd February 2010
The medication were so fantastic, I didn’t get up until Sya called me at like 12 noon. Haa. Didn’t feel like killing myself from the pain so that was a major upgrade! Anyway, Sya told me that NTB’s flight to Australia got canceled and that they were still stuck in Singapore. We immediately got pissed and majorly worried. They were SUPPOSE to leave Monday afternoon and here we’re hearing that they were still stranded in our piece of shit land. WTF. Sya called Emiel to get the low down and fortunately, they were safe and at someone’s place. SOMEONE. We didn’t know who this someone was but he sounded friendly on the phone so it was like 1% of a relieve? hahaha We decided it was best we met them for a bit to help out this dude who’s taking care of them. Turns out, he was really nice afterall so goody. Got to finally squeeze time to chat up with the other 2 and well duh, they’re kickass. Sya & I decided that when we overheard them talking about The Ataris. Like dude…. we totally met Kris Roe man. Hahaha wtf.

So Emiel told us the story while in the skytrain to terminal whuttt~ that the fucked up airport staff had told them they were at the wrong counter and when they came back, the 2 idiots told them a DIFFERENT story and ended it with a “oh the flight is fully booked”. (I didn’t really explain it very well but fuck off. It’s 5am and coherency is very minimal for ANY human being k.) The guys kept saying the girls were super rude to them. Wtf. Oi….. I apologize for my fucked up people… Tsk tsk.

So we hung around the airport for a couple of hours and had to split the group because half of them were healthy/good food and the other half liked junk/bad food. (Emiel’s words, not mine) The guys bought a whole bunch of food they didn’t even finish (rosakkkk sak budak2 ni) and then got a text from Martijn saying him and Robin were already pass the forbidden gates because they wanted to check out the swimming pool on the roof. Yeah, thanks a lot for the abandonment guys. Psssh.

HAAAAATE saying goodbye to people and this is like the second time we had to send them off from the airport. DEPRESSING MUCH?!

Well, my start to February has been kickass. Hopefully, it continues to kick more ass.




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