Solace Project

11 01 2010

So I saw a retweet from my bestfriend this morning about Karl Schubach of Misery Signal’s own project, SOLACE and how he needed voice clips from the peeps for one of his songs. Obviously, being a huge fan of MS, I jumped right on that boat. I’ve heard some of solace and what Ive heard, I like. There’s also word Alex from Whitechapel might rock guitars for this project? Kickass or what? (all from twitter. I suck for noticing)

For those of you that have a kickass view on religion, read this and contribute!: SOLACE BLOG POST

Mind you, mine was kickass so bring on your best game. HAHAHAHAHA I’m kidding but I think he likes it..? Another one for the Ï know this is really dorky but” vault. I suck for being such a fucking loser. HAHAHA Wonders of the twitterverse! I feel like a kid who just got an A for a really really hard exam paper. Dorky? Don’t deny it. Hahah

Conversation On Twitter. HIGHlarious HAHAHA

In other news, my laptop crashed today. It may have something to do with what I said on the voice clip to Karl. Might. Haha.




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