Bu(llshit)siness Aspect Of Music

5 01 2010

“I actually think that many of the bands are cookie cutter versions of other bands that look, acts, dress and sound just like them. It’s like making a copy of a copy. Eventually the image becomes distorted and unrecognizable. Over the last decade popular music has become so watered down that the old “three note, three chord, three word hook” formula has been reduced to “one note, one chord, three words.””

“Remember kids – music is opinion based. Ever wonder how many people at the label tell you you’re music is great and actually can’t stand it? More than you think.”

“To all artists out there some words of advice, if I may. You can’t fix the world in a day. You can’t control what others think. HOWEVER, you CAN control what you sing and say and THAT is the most important thing. Because no marketing plan or t-shirt design in the world will make a shitty record sound good. SAY SOMETHING.”

JR from Less Than Jake inspired me to the very core today and he doesn’t even know it. I can only wish to, one day put upon someone such amazing insight and impact them with such raving force that they’re almost knocked off their feet. Goosebumps. Actual goosebumps for a little ray of hope I had felt from reading his blog. I felt a little less pointless and stupid, and a little more driven. I love writing songs and I’m happy when I can generate a legit verse and chorus. I get ecstatic when someone listens to a song I wrote and actually enjoy it.

If you’re a musician and you’re feeling down about not being signed, or not being rich and fucking famous, read this. And feel better: http://jrsblahg.blogspot.com/2010/01/dinosaurs-will-die.html

P/S: I probably spoke too soon. A few minutes later, he @replies me on twitter. Another one to add to my “I know this is really dorky but..” collection.

I guess he knows afterall. Haha




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