7 Little Things

24 12 2009

7 Annoying Facts About You

  1. I’m a picky eater. I don’t like egg yolks, certain types of veggies, tomatoes, duck, certain types of cheese, durian, milk, mayonnaise, and lots of other white substances.
  2. I don’t always notice the tone and volume of my voice when I get excited or pissed.
  3. The timing that I feel is appropriate to annoy the shit out of people is indefinite. This however, according to highest probability, will happen when you’re really busy or is just not in the mood.
  4. Stuttering. I do it.
  5. I like to keep junk in my bag. Not stuff that can rot usually. I’m a hoarder.
  6. Phonecalls I feel are not important will not be answered. I hate “hey how are you? *awkward silence*” small talk phone conversations. Let’s save the awkward conversations for a rainy day aye? This however becomes annoying when it’s something serious and important and I’m staring at the phone, deciding whether to pick it up or not. So….voicemail. Use it.
  7. I know no balance. You can find me being either really lazy or so hardworking, I don’t stop talking about it. This sometimes can come across as bragging but honest to God, I’m sometimes just too excited about some things.

7 People To Meet Before You Die

  1. James Hetfield
  2. Tony Lovato/Billy Joe Armstrong
  3. Edward Norton (tough luck)
  4. Chris Adler
  5. Alex Webster
  6. Ron Jarzombek
  7. Nicky Byrne

7 Unnecessary Objects You Own

  1. A turtle that beams colourful stars and shapes. I use it to go to sleep at night. Yes, I’m 8 years old.
  2. A magic 8 ball. It helps me make decisions I don’t want to make.
  3. A book about Wicca for when I feel like throwing a fit at God.
  4. A deck of SNAP cards.
  5. A pair of stripper heels…. for a rainy day. Haaaaa
  6. A 50 cent harmonica that doesn’t produce sound.
  7. A Hilary Duff CD.

7 Features You Find Attractive In The Opposite Sex

  1. I adore confident men who wear glasses. This one is unfair but I can’t help what I like aye? It creates this (most times unfortunately, a  false) image of intelligence.

    Who even gives a crap if Patrick Dempsey is faking the intelligence bit?

  2. My guy has to be somewhat musically inclined and open to all sorts of music. He has to appreciate the mellow as much as the heavy shit. No “<insert genre> to the grave!” attitude. Musicians are hot. ❤
  3. I don’t expect any man to be completely neat and clean but I’d prefer it if he doesn’t keep rats and large insects in his room. I live with 2 pigs (sister and brother) and have had to clean up after them my whole life so I’d appreciate a guy who can keep a decent level of cleanliness in his room and house.
  4. Tattoos are obviously NOT a requirement but I appreciate them.. profusely. In fact, I’m almost obsessed with men with tatts. My mom obviously doesn’t approve but the heart wants what the heart wants! 😀

    He looks almost juvenile. Correction: Tony Lovato IS juvenile. My mistake. Still a hot motherfucker.

  5. I heart men who heart adventure. Spontaneous and dangerous is a major turn on. But not to the point of juvenile. He has to know his limits.
  6. The “hard-to-get” routine gets pretty darn annoying but ladies, you know you love it. It’s not attractive when a man is too easily caught but if he’s TOO “hard-to-get”, it tends to get old quickly. So a man who knows good timing, is sexy.
  7. Either short and neat/spiked hair, neat emo “minus-missing-face” cut, or something just very very short. Mohawks are hot too if you know how to pull it off.

7 Things You Have Hanged/Plastered

  1. M. Shadows and Kurt Cobain posters <on my wall>.
  2. Show flyers <on my wall>.
  3. An MxPx signed poster <on my wall>. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  4. Press/Concert passes.
  5. My baju kurungs in my closet.
  6. Hangers. LOTS of hangers.
  7. Old photographs of the family on my bedroom door.

7 Things That Annoy You

  1. PESTS. People who pester you to do things you don’t feel comfortable doing.
  2. People who don’t listen and interrupt others.
  3. Boys that don’t know when to stop being stupid. Or rather, CAN’T stop being stupid.
  4. Liars, cheaters, users and self abusers.
  5. Twilight.
  6. SPGs.
  7. Boys calling me BABY. I’m not your baby, babi.

7 Tv Shows You Would Want To Be In

  1. Dexter (on his side)
  2. True Blood (totally a vampire!)
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. Grey’s Anatomy (on the table or off the table, works for me :D)
  5. How I Met Your Mother
  6. Desperate Housewives (preferably doing Danny)
  7. Scrubs
Tattoos are obviously NOT a requirement but I appreciate them.. profusely. In fact, I’m almost obsessed with men with tatts. My mom obviously doesn’t approve but the heart wants what the heart wants! 😀



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