17 12 2009

Should I be insulted?                                        YES
Should I think too much of it?                            NO
Is it worth my precious time and energy?           YES

I am getting so frustrated with waiting around! MAXIMUS! ITS NOT THAT HARD! I’m not going to spend billions of dollars on international calling rates on someone who’s not competent enough to reply a simple email!

I’ll be seeing you soon for sure and I’m going to give you hell, FOR SURE.


P/s: Kalau kau tak nak layan aku, aku pon boleh tak layan ah eh. Kental. Seriously. If you’re reading this, please go swallow a knife. I officially cannot tahan you anymore. Tunjuk perasan konon. So tempted to tempeleng kepala kau dengan penyapu buruk. BOY, WAKE UP YOUR IDEA UNDERSTAND.

I'm on pissed off overload.



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