16 12 2009

I tend to do this to myself a lot. Get to blogging about something way after the fever is gone. Don’t have a reason why, just do.

So of course, the memory of the KL trip with Sya, Jo and Sha is now a bit of a blur. I remember the long bus ride of in and out of consciousness and rocking out to some of Lamb of God’s new album. Getting pretty much psyched for the wrong show. haha

Met with Din, Sha & Jo’s friend who was going to drive us to the venue. The car was infested with small roaches in the backseat which had shahidah plastered to the roof of the car about 70% of the ride there. I remember beating the shit out of one roach with a can of air freshener…. yeah.. good times…? hahaha

Got to the venue, and one of the first few things I saw was this really dorky white bald dude with black rimmed glasses, being surrounded by a couple of malay dudes. Turned to Sya for confirmation: “Is that who I think it is?”

Kris Roe mannnn

Mmmmhmm. Quinn Allman look alike nomoreeee! Fella shaved all of it. While buying merch, we overheard a dude ask kris “Dude, what happen to the hair man?”. OF ALL THINGS TO ASK HIM DAMMIT. CMON.

Of course, right after that, i was frantically scanning the place for MAH WAN TLUE LUB but to no avail.  A coke, merch, walking in on a chick peeing and 10++ new & familiar faces later, a huge obnoxious chop on the neck and a fail manicure, we got in. Just in time too. MxPx were already setting up and golly, Chris Wilson was drum checking. FUUUCK! This was the same dude that played for GC way back when I gave a shit about them. It was almost unreal.


Wah liou knnbccbbbbbbbbbbbbb!

The pit was so fucking awesome, i was tempted to forget about life and go kill myself in there but I didn’t. WHY DIDNT I?

Anyway, the show was, well DUH fantastic as fuck. Sha and Jo were going nuts when they played The Ataris songs and Sya and I practically reenacted Singfest ’07, with a little more breath in our lungs. I remember feeling a little sad, thinking we were so close to hosting a show for them in Singapore. If only their agent would have just TOLD us what the fuck was up. Jesus. Literally this -> <-close man. FMLFMLFML.


Punk Rock Show was my gonecase song and I just ran into the pit, way to the front and basically went teenie. Never been so fucking excited to be in a moshpit, ever. First time I didn’t go in there totally pissed. That was completely happy hippie pit for me man. hahaha My boobs were hurting like mad after their set.

Went outside and took pictures with the rest of the MxPx crew. I touched Mike Herrera, EVERYWHERE. Honestly, I’m HOPELESS.


I touched Mike Herrera.....EVERYWHERE. Hopeless!

So ANYWAY, we went out for “lunch/dinner” at around 11pm with about a few billion other people. OMG, the “ILOVEYOU” drink is epic as shit. And whatever I ordered, or rather whatever Jo ordered for me, was torturously HUGE and YUMMMMM.  *drooling on keyboard* Barely finished half of it because I was wayyyy too sleepy to function or generate anything coherent. Got to our 4 star hotel at around 3am, which we only paid like RM15 each for. SCORE! Awesome view and one of the best beds everrrrrr.

Before we know it, we were already on our way back in a few hours of being in KL. A trip way too short filled with countless awesome memories. Till the next roadtrip! 🙂




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