This world is ours….GET FUCKED!

6 12 2009

My favourite song this week. Michael Crafter may not be the most well liked guy on the planet, but he knows which part of the brain to pick at when it comes to music.

What’s a guy with so much power in the scene, doing making such a bad rep for himself anyway? I’m not saying I have anything against the guy. In fact, I don’t think he’s all that bad. I had a short chat with him on IM about.. uhm, Tiger Woods.. yeah… and he didn’t seem like the guy the people have been talking shit about. Like seriously, I met an Aussie kid that literally went “Crafter.. he’s… Ugh” when I mentioned him. Mmmm..

But whatevs eh. Cancer is a good album. This is really something, coming from someone that doesn’t fancy hardcore all that much. I have a thing for monstrous vocals. Heh.

And speaking of monstrous vocals, Whitechapel is another band I heart many many.

Allison Woest did a fantastic job portraying such a demonic feel to the “This Is Exile” video. I fell in love with the video the first time I saw it and about 4 people can stand as witnesses to my fangirl reaction to this video. Every beat, every riff was meticulously examined and executed with such power and revolting angst. I feel almost possessed (hahahaha gedditgeddit??? stfu.) and evilllll. Awesome job. Plus, I kinda have a thing for the song too so that helps. hahaha

Just FYI, I don’t accept that everyone’s calling them Deathcore. .. even if they are. Shut up.

In other news,





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