Twitter Owns My Life

1 12 2009

The whole 48 hours-away-from-twitter expedition was a test to see if I was indeed a twitter addict.

Well, it’s undeniable that I am.

I DID get through 48 hours of not tweeting at all. In fact, I made it through over 84 hours without twittering. Just by that sentence alone, you can tell I am in pretty deep shit. An addict will know the gorey details exactly as it had played out. FACT. Could have sworn I went cold turkey by the end of gee i don’t know.. first hour or so? I’ve become so dependent on cyber vomiting every thought, every emotion on a canvas that holds 140 words of brain vomit. In fact, a never ending supply of canvases. It’s great.

With a blog, you’re obligated to write an essay. It’s not officially implied but when you’re given no limitations, the thought rushes through your brain at a few billion miles an hour and nothing seems to get thrown out. With a 140 limit, it’s practically a brain fart. This blog for instance, took me about 10 minutes to write. Within that 10 minutes, I’ve had so many initial ideas fly away. If I was quick enough to splatter everything out, I’d have a book. But see, as I’m typing this out, a brilliant idea slides away as I take the brain capacity at the tip of where thoughts are being processed and distributed to generate a proper and pointless sentence such as the one I’m typing right now. Maybe I’m just not very good with multi-tasking…




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