Life Is Good

26 11 2009

These past few months have been chaotic. Hectic. Skeptic to frantic and back to skeptic.

It’s been work work work with no pay and I honest to God, am exhausted. I’m exhausted from BEING exhausted. It’s not so much physical tiredness that bothers me as much but it’s the never ending down down down that this whole process entails. People get mad at you for something you cannot control and everyone around you is telling you constantly to stop, give up, let it go.

Its exhausting but I’m still trying. That’s gotta say something right? Right?

Sure we’ve been having problems. Sure we’re as broke as fuck. Sure noone sees past our mistakes. Sure we’re in deep shit. But we’re still going at it.
Can’t even begin to count the number of people that are majorly pissed at Sya, Hanis and I right now for all the stupid mistakes we’ve made these past few months. I’m sorry to each and every one of you that we’ve hurt/disrespected/made promises we couldn’t keep.

We’re still fighting for you. We’re going through a lot of shit these past few months. I will not go into details but just know that this is not very easy. We’ve kicked and screamed, been brought down down down and at times, even hating the shit out of life.

Our motto is “Life Is Good” (subconsciously, this was made semi official). There are very little moments in our current days that we believe those words when we say them. So please, understand that we’re trying our best, with what very little we have. We’re trying our best. We’re fighting for you.




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