If it’s killing you, we’re alright.

19 11 2009

I have you here, here and here.

The security lies in 2 beating hearts. Pacing by choice. Skipping 2 beats at a time.
The insecurity lies in 2 meandering minds. Our canvas of speech with no meaning.

A wide canvas we splatter on as and when we feel like. This space wides on and on for miles. Variations of colours tells a tale or 2 of our separate lives with each other and the characters that revolve around it. We play small parts in each other’s plays but seize to exist anyway.

Even if i may be a commonplace tone in your story, and you in mine, we callously stand our ground. Seeking answers but they only exist in fiction. We plead for reason but our beliefs are empty.

The uncertainty paints a scar.
The scars exist to prove we exist.
The uncertainty makes us real.

If this kills you, maybe we stand a chance.




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