The Boy Who Gave A Damn

5 11 2009

Let’s pretend no one ever reads blogs anymore. Or let’s just pretend he doesn’t have access to this one. Perhaps he’s illiterate….

Mr Burger, the guy I’ve been blogging about profusely since… April? Yeah well, after months and months of receiving nothing back, when the time he finally gave a damn came, it felt…. unreal. I couldn’t even enjoy it because I was too busy freaking out! Of course, he has no idea how that conversation is making my days a little easier but it’s best he stays in the dark about this one.

The days I’ve been living are days I’ve wished ever so often to perish.

Let’s just pretend for a moment my life is NOT in shambles or an atrocious pile of gooey gunk.

He gives a damn and this is something I’ll always have going for me. 🙂




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