Rockstar Hard

22 10 2009

Status Report: I’m missing you a little less today.

I spoke to a guy today. People say he’s a rockstar. I call bullshit.

You’re not a rockstar if you’re so easily shaken by a simple and harmless remark made by someone who couldn’t give 2 shits about you. Okay I lie. I kinda like your band. Kinda listen to your shit. Kinda fancy you dude. You make kickass music but your attitude is one for the worthless. You’re not a rockstar if you go against what you preach. You’re not a rockstar, you’re a whiner.

You complain and complain and complain about people who are supposedly immature, and here you are, being all on defense and guard up, spitting stupidity. I get it’s been a rough couple of months. It’s understandable that everyone seems to be on every other side but yours. There is, however, no need to prove you’re capable of acting like a child.

Interpret truthfully to yourself what you were and what you have become. Bet my bottom dollar you’ll see a pacifier when you look in the mirror.

Report back when you’ve gained some sort of a sensibility, humanity, or a sense of humour.




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