No Turning Back…Indeed.

2 10 2009

It’s probably unethical for me to complain about anything regarding the Terror show considering I wasn’t the main organizer of the show and I’m not a full on fan so yeah, I’m not going to complain about anything.

It’s so awesome of Shahidah and Joanna to let me be a part of this show. I wish I had done more to help out but these girls have everything so under control that you just don’t want to be the person step in, out of no where, to fuck with their system. They HAVE a system. It’s a great one. Their level of professionalism doesn’t surprise me, rather makes me look up to them as people. So much bullshit happened but they handled things so well. I can only hope to have the same kind of work ethic and brilliant communication within one organization, for ECHO. I guess we’re just not there yet.

The Terror guys are nice. Majority of them. I don’t want to jump to conclusions considering that I didn’t get to properly get to know them as people. From what I’ve seen, I’m a little thankful I wasn’t a fan beforehand. I should probably backspace on this whole paragraph……………

The show day itself was a little bit of a blur. I was helping out with teeenie weeenie things with the bands and stuff. Got to squeeze in a little bit of reading for my other project. Held 2 interviews with the foreign bands. Might I just say that those were the longest interviews I’ve ever held. I mean that literally. I think I took about an hour of the bands time to do that interview. Why? They talk a lot. It’s not my fault. Hahahaha. But it’s gonna be interesting transcribing that shit. Woo….

Sya, Joanna, June and I stayed over at FAD’s office after the show so none of us will oversleep and miss bringing No Turning Back to the airport. This learned from their experience with Parkway Drive. The story was totally unfortunate and cute at the same time. HAHA. Nice hang out with the girls. Got to play around with June’s mini fish eye lens which was super fun! Jo and Sya, don’t make fun. Pfft.

The boys of No Turning Back were the biggest sweethearts. Sarcastic sweethearts. Gotta love Mr Tall, Mr Sarcastic, Mr Coldplay and Borat/Jesus. It was nice being douchebags to these people because they could take it.

There were tentative plans for them to head back here for the weekend to hang out but it seems like they’re braving it up and heading to Philippines despite the incoming typhoons. No turning back indeed boys.

Looking forward to the day we can hold that burping contest. Good times.. 🙂




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