A Test of Patience I’m Failing Miserably

7 09 2009

So I’m at work, pissing and moaning about work, hating work, wanting to screw work in the ass. Everyone in the office pretty much sucks. If my bestfriend wasn’t working with me in the same office, I would have long long left this freaking job.

Would this be completely unprofessional of me to type? Would it? Do I really look like the type to give a damn? Really?

The thing that sucks most about my dead end is that even after work, I’m stuck in the environment. The work follows me home because my brother and dad CANNOT stop talking about work. Not for one second. No day off!!! Gaah.

I was a total bitch to everyone basically on Saturday. Just plain annoyed with everything. NEEDED a day to not speak or even think about anything that had to do with work. Was expecting my parents to go off for golf but unfortunately, due to some police case, they’re not allowed out of the country.
Don’t ask me about this because I have no knowledge of this either.


I feel like getting an apartment to use only on weekends. Peaceful, no work environment. I can’t handle 9-5 in itself, yet alone have to deal with it 7 days a week.

A test of patience I’m failing miserably.

ENOUGH about work. It makes me want to throw up.

Let’s talk about a different kind of stress. Echo Productions have been planning a rebound show after our first project totally flopped (okay not completely. Just postponed.) and our second is looking to follow in its path. OMG. This is good stress. Or so I have to keep telling myself. Promoters and agents are seriously making communication hard. It’s not difficult to stay on par. Its not, i promise you. If you take the initiative to reply emails, and get yourself and everyone you’re working with updated, communication will go smoothly. I promise you. So why? Why make it difficult for everyone?

Anyway, I’m typing this with a smile on my face. It’s a stressful situation, yes. But it’s something that I don’t mind losing money/hair/patience over. Production is worth it. It’s something I WANT to do. It’s something I want to stress over. So I’m grateful for at least the option. The chance to pursue this.

Whether this happens or not, we have learned so much already. There’s room for improvement. There’s room to do better. To do epic.

So thanks. My life may suck but I’m making sure to embrace the very little good I have in it. Screw you people who’re betting on my failure. On OUR failure. You’re all going to hell. PFFT.

Work Break Shenanigans
Lyds – 12:40pm




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