Perfectly Flawed Week

23 08 2009


Summary of these together : Knock the fuck out.

So I haven’t been fully well since even before my trip to Genting. I’ve been out of town twice this month and each time, I’ve gotten worst. Finally, after hitting a temperature of 38.1, I decided it was time to head to the doctor. As usually, Dr Lim opens a conversation with “You don’t play golf with your mom? haha” Every single time. Guess it’s good that he takes the initiative to remind you he remembers something about your family. One fact to be used to the point of exhaustion and furthermore. The worst one of all those medication would be the herbal antibiotics he prescribed. GOD. DAMN. They are so disgusting. I mean, it’s a pill you swallow. Yes. But it smells like horse piss and the taste stays in your mouth. Gross. I’ve missed 2 days of the fasting month to enjoy this less than delightful delicacy. Believe me, I’d rather be starving than eat this shit.

Anyway, this past week has been one of my sickest weeks plus my busiest. When I have plenty to do, that’s when my body shuts down. And when I get well, there’s nothing much to do. Echo Productions, my oh so quiet production company with Sya, Lyn and Carmen have been working on our supposedly first project. Everything has been going well.. on our side anyway. Unfortunately, due to a shift in events, you might have to wait a little longer for an EP event. Ah well..

In the meantime, I will be helping ANOTHER production company, Prettig productions owned by 2 awesome chickas Shahidah and Joanna, for their show end of next month. That’s gonna be awesome. 🙂

In other news, the webzine I’ve been working for (SHOUT!) will be going on hiatus so my journalism career is basically finished. I’ve been contemplating applying for positions at other magazines but that will be later on. I’m gonna take an unplanned break from writing.

I’ve also been in the studio recording songs. Just did one of my favourite songs to play. “3 Little Words” was written ABOUT a member of this metal band. ABOUT. Not FOR. You’ll understand this when you finally get to listen to it. Not too much going on in the studio. Just full on acoustic songs. I’ve been doing a few bits of vocal parts which makes me pretty excited. Hahaha. Also been able to complete guitar tracks in one take. I pretty much rock… for coming up with such easy guitar parts. 🙂

So yeah.. I’m probably going to start fasting tomorrow. Hopefully I can lose some weight this month. FAT chance but one can hope. HAAA

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