Dear Brilliant Soul

9 08 2009

You have this need to be more open, more upfront with the ones you love and the ones who pretend. When you speak, you’re almost blocked from speaking your mind completely. AWOL from your own truth.

You live your life in distance. You probably recognize this better than I do:

Distance doesn’t only count by how far away you are from home.
It measures from your thoughts and the words you speak.

It sucks that the only few times you get out of that little sanctuary of your own mind, no one seems to be listening. Or so, no one is right in your face about it.

I want to hear your every thought.
I want to share my every thought with you.
I know you’re one to listen.
I know you’re one to care.
I want so bad to let you know

Honey I’m listening.

The usual shenanigans
Lyds – 11:50pm




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