Touristy Adventures

5 08 2009

Was on vacay in Genting and KL for a week. Couldn’t blog about it or post anything because blogspot has been a total douche. And now that it’s back up and running, I no longer have the inspiration nor enthusiasm to blog about it. So I’m gonna be a typcial stupid blogger and post pictures.

I vlogged almost everyday on the trip. Except the last because I got really sick before we went back so didn’t have the mood to do basically anything.

DAY 1:

Took 7 hours from Singapore to Genting Highlands. We were on a super exclusive bus with massage chairs and movies to watch with our individual little tellys. Saw “Get Smart” and laughed out loud a few times. Haha

Didn’t do much on the first day. Just sorta sinking in that we were clouds and that check in took fucking forever. Walked around a lot on day one. Went bowling and I got the worst score in bowling history. Got front row VIP massage chair seats to John Travolta’s Pelham 123. Couldn’t really enjoy it because I was super sick by then.

Singapore is so beautiful when you’re leaving it:

Family Potrait plus sis bf minus bro:

Can’t bowl for nuts:

Massage chairs in movie theater:

Day 2: (Cable car/KLCC)

Never been to KL so my family thought it was about time. HAHA Took some touristy pics, like I planned. Gorgeous ❤

Day 3: (THEME PARK!!)

Alot of the better rides were close so it wasn’t as fun. And I was sick. 😦

Our rooms are here (last floor to the right):

>Day 4: (HOME)

Got really sick so didn’t take any pictures and didn’t pose for any. Got stopped at immigration for sweaty thumb and my sis and mom couldn’t stop oinking all the way home. (H1N1, me sick. Do the math) Got home safe and took a few days being sick after.

Wish I hadnt been ill but it was fun nonetheless. 🙂

Holiday Shenanigans

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