24 07 2009

One thing I fear for my latest procreation
is not living up to the expectations.

Not so much anyone elses but my own.

I’m sure everyone who has been through this stage feel the same but while
I’m at it, I might as well talk about it.

I’ve had visions, dreams and ambitions for this little baby but I’m afraid my
limitations will ruin everything. I may not be doing this all by myself but
I feel all this pressure to be perfect and to prove something.

Me and my big mouth.

Now everyone’s expecting.

This is actually not a big deal anyway.
We’re just going at it to try it out.
Get the experience needed.
Move a step forward from just dreaming.

But I’m afraid the failure of this not-a-big-deal
will break me beyond repair.
I’m afraid this not-a-big-deal will
ruin me.

Either way, this will prove to be a wake up call.
The end results will prove once and for all,
what and where we are and whether this is even worth
going for.

I wish I was Noel Gallagher.





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