Horrible and Wonderful People

24 07 2009

My senior is making my life hell. She hates me. I can tell. I really shouldn’t let this type of thing bother me but it does.

I’m trying. Hard. When it’s not appreciated, I tend to lose all sort of motivation to continue trying. Her techniques are weak and discouraging.

Got sick at work. Threw up more than 5 times today although my stomach only contains a burger I had for breakfast. I feel fine now but I’m definitely skipping work tmr. Fuck them.

Now for the good.

I got a few messages on myspace from awesome people trying to cheer me up. Best message yet is from my dear friend Andrew Sparkes, a music engineer from the UK. He didn’t have to say much but it’s just nice to hear some words of encouragement from someone who has lived it.

” you always look so strong and focused in your photo’s – don’t make life a self-fulfilling prophecy – you’ll get there one day – it’s in your eyes.”

Such a nice man. We’ve agreed to collaborate on a project. I’m psyched!

Made my day. 🙂

Lyds – 2:17am




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