Frail Thoughts

22 07 2009

I’m sitting here all by myself just trying to think of something to do.
I’m trying to think of anything just to keep me from thinking of you.

Mr B.
You’ve gotten me to quote a Plain White Ts song. I must be in too deep. Way too over my head and knee deep in make believe.

Let’s change the blogject.

So I have this part time job right. One I just sorta started. Got this big deal schedule and all. Thought I’d actually be earning some moolah for myself you know. Perhaps even pitch in with the family expenses.

Then I was transferred to work at a different outlet.


New environment. New people. New adventures.

On my first day at the new place, I thought “Man. I hate it here. But I hated my time there. So where? What? Who?”

3 days and I haven’t gotten a call to work. I’m semi ecstatic at this fact but you can just imagine the kind of things I’m hearing at home.

What kind of a job is this?
You need a real job.
It’s time you grow up.
You’re not a kid anymore.

The job offer is still open for me.
They actually want me.
And I’ll be in a position where I’m in charge.
Why have I chosen to downgrade myself?
Was it just to prove a point?
To prove that my decisions were worth anything?

Or maybe I just didn’t want to see myself die.

Maybe Mr B’s probably the distraction I need to delay this decision.
Maybe Mr B is in more ways than one my very own savior.

Maybe Mr B is exactly what I needed.
Maybe Mr B is exactly what I need.

My dreams are turning frail
When did my life get so stale?
I have so many things to live for
but I’m not keen on living it anymore.

Mr Benanigans
Lyds – 12:36pm




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