My Job Sucks/Rocks

19 07 2009

Part-time paying job: SUCKS.
Freelance unpaying job: ROCKS.

If I didn’t need money to feed myself, I’d work for free. Seriously.

My paying job is driving me insane. I hate every minute of it. But fuck that, it’s my day off and I’m not gonna spend it talking about work.

In March, I interviewed my now favourite band Misery Signals when they were in Singapore. Just to sorta poke fun (knowing the response was not going to be very positive), I asked them to tell the mag what they thought of a band, every other band loves to hate. Avenged Sevenfold. Mind you, I’ve been an Avenged fan since wayyyyyy back so this was indeed an intentional poke. I found the answers they gave more funny than insulting. HAHAHA

Anyway, MONTHS AND MONTHS later, people are still actually talking about it. I still get angry comments on youtube and just a few minutes ago, my dear friend Carmen directed me to this link right here:

Talk about sooooooooo much drama…………

HAHA. I’m glad people are getting quite a kick off of it. It makes me feel evil and devious. So great, so great. And it’s quite flattering too. I not only have my work published, I have people talking about it.

I actually have potential to be like Diane Sawyer. HAHAHA

As bad as this may sound, it made my day. ❤

Lyds – 2:28pm




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