The Box

15 07 2009

The world lacks in imagination. We’re all living in a box full of donts.
We’re afraid.

The lid is always ajar wide enough for us to breathe but not quite for us to easily jump out. Once in a while some of us peep through the little opening. Once in a while, we dare to dream. We see that the possibilities and choices are all out there. This is the challenge. Are you going to take it on, or are you going to reside to a corner of this little box that is slowly sufforcating you dry? Do we just live with it or do run like hell from each side to the other to topple over this box?

I’ve never been bold enough to say out loud what I truly want in life. Only my bestfriend knows. I don’t feel so much ashamed to share this with Sya because she’s the only one in the world who doesn’t look at me like I’m completely crazy and jaded. Because she truly knows what it’s like. People don’t want to admit this but I see it. I see it in their eyes. People get transparent when this subject arises. If I told you about this, I’d lose all respect for you because I know what you’d see.

I’ve kept most of it in my head. I’ve been striving and kicking and screaming and breaking down. Of course, I see this as part of the process.

We’re all 3 centimeters tall.
The box is as tall or as short as your mind sees it.


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