A Foundation of Doubt

5 07 2009

Believe in what your heart tells you or just get in line?

We were taught to be good beings. We were taught to obey. We were taught to discriminate. We were taught to hate. From the very beginning, it was all about fear and hate.

Do I not believe in something because there appears to be no sort of logic to it?
Do I not believe because there is no ending doubt in me?

Do I believe because I fear what I’ve always been taught to fear?
Do I believe because of this guilt I feel?

Weigh the facts. Consider the possibilities of it not just being one thing.

Accept that there will be a consequence if you’re wrong.
Accept the unending pleasure of it all when you’re right.

So many unanswered questions leads to a foundation of doubt.
What this furthers to build on to is up to you.

Confusion is part of life. Questions are there for a reason.
It helps to decide what your path is going to look like.

Contemplate is all I do.
So I have to now weigh between what I believe and what I’ve been told.

Do I go forth with a life of unanswered questions or do I run free with guilt?

I need answers. That’s my decision.

Quarter Life Crisis Sheningans
Lyds – 7:51pm




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