I’m Dellusional But You Love Me Anyway

29 06 2009
Come as you are.

As a friend
As a known memory

Most people say you can only have one bestfriend. I don’t blame them for saying this.

I’m having trouble separating the close and the bestfriends. Are bestfriends the BEST of all your friends but one you’re not close to? Okay that didn’t make any sense.

I’ve noticed over the years that I’ve had difficulty keeping friendships with people. I’ve always wondered why but I think a few nights ago, it was accidentally answered.

It’s insincere to have like 15 bestfriends. It doesn’t show you have more love to give than most of us do. It means you probably have shit to talk about every single one of your bestfriends and need other bestfriends to air out your frustrations. Hey I get it. But I’m not the type.

I’m not saying that I’m the coolest person on the planet and EVERYONE wants to be friends with me but I’m patient. Because I’ve been through many crazy people. I could do well working in an asylum for the criminally insane. This fact makes me pretty cool.

I get uncomfortable in big groups. This is because the attention is scattered to everyone and it gets difficult to make any kind of connection or strike a conversation that would mean anything to either party. I’d like to properly devote time and effort to make ONE person fully happy rather then scatter bits and pieces everywhere hoping someone gets it. Plus, I’m very irritable. I get very unpleasant when I’m irritated. And not many people get past me with this stage.

Over the years, as I’ve grown older, I’ve managed to secure more confidence and right state of mind basically to uphold serious friendships with A FEW people. I have evolved and expanded as a person (more than you can imagine). And its hard.

So recently, I’ve managed to build a segregation between bestfriends and really really really good friends. Don’t hate me for it. I love you. Probably not as much as you think but my love don’t cost a thing. You know what I’m saying? If you do, you’re probably one of my bestfriends.

Can I be subjected to join the club 27 because I’m a rockstar in my own way?


See, I’m funny too.


Crappy Shenanigans
Lyds – 7:33pm




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