Living Through Fantasy

21 06 2009
Oh boy oh boy..

“Our boys are off tour.”

If only those words were as comforting as they should be. It brings more sadness than anything and I hate feeling like this. But alas, I can’t help but think what the hell would be running through my head if it weren’t what it is now? Life is a little mundane without the fantasy.

I shall hold off the celebratory for a little longer.

Anyway, shitty shenanigans aside, I WAS just made extremely happy by my favourite girls in the whole wide wurrr… We’re planning a trip together and nothing excites me more than planning trips!! I don’t like to contribute because I generally like people planning shit for me. It’s kinda the pampering the last child gets to enjoy. Plus, last babies don’t make very good decisions anyway so, :). And we’re taking my dear twinsie to Paris Ris theme park next month, hopefully for a late 4th of July celebration. PYSCHED!

Shitty but Sexciting Shenanigans
Lyds – 2:14am




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