My Mambo Number 5

17 06 2009

So since my plans to hang out with Keiths and Bry was canceled, I was left with almost nothing to do. Well there’s that job interview tomorrow to prepare for but whatever with that shit. I decided to write a song instead.

I went a while with absolutely no inspiration. Then I thought about cupid. What he’d actually look like. I refuse to believe that cupid resembles anything like that dancing baby in Ally Mcbeal. I’d say he has that European model look going on. Hair slid back with dreamy hazel eyes and full cherry lips. And just to mess things up, let cupid have 2 full sleeved tattooed arms. Now THAT’S a vision of someone you’d want to pick your man. You just know he has good taste.

Anyway, as I envisioned my ideal cupid, I fell in love with him. With the idea of him anyway. I mean, what a lonely soul cupid must be right? Helping others fall in love and never having someone do the deed for him. So I decided to write this out into a song but couldn’t figure out how. So my second inspiration came about when Lou Bega hit my brain. The one hit wonder he had was a hit wonder because every Angela, Pamela, Sandra, Rita and the rest loved the song to pieces, even though the song was basically written by a douchebag with too many girls in his hands.

So I figured it was unfair that Lou Bega could make use all those women in his song and not have the female version ever written smack the scene.

Most of the guys mentioned mean nothing but most of them mean something.
So I guess everyone’s just gotta wait for some kind of miracle
to get to hear this song. Or maybe not….

Wrote this song in 15 minutes. Girlie pop punk rock metal anthem 😉

Falling in Love with Cupid ❤

Robert was busy
Johnny’s not home
Karl is a little over his head
And Zacky’s a homo

Kyle’s too cute
Mike is dead
And I don’t think that Stuart is straight

So Cupid, why don’t you
just stay right here with me

With me…
Like we’re in Old Napoli
With me..
That’s Amore, That’s Amore
That’s sorta falling in love
With Cupid

Alex is stupid
Ian is the head
Matthew’s a bitch and Joel’s a dick
Why dont you just stab me with the arrow instead

cause there’s never ending douchebags

Cupid You’re the one
To make me fall in love
But I don’t want anyone else but you
So cupid, why don’t you just stay right here with me

With me…we have plenty of pasta fazool
With me…That’s amore..that’s amore
That’s falling in love with cupid

He struck again
With more novacaine this time
Now I’ve fallen in love with a boy name Jim
Cause thats amore..thats amore…
Thats getting shot down…by cupid

Lyrical Shenanigans
Lyds – 10:33pm




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