Hopeless Bestfriends

14 06 2009

Sya: We ARE assholes and DO make people feel weird
around us. In short, we UNDERSTAND the idiots.

Lyds: Yeah. And girls are attracted to tragedies.
A is suicidal and B is hopeless. We’re doomed.

(To protect all participating parties, I have excluded the names of some people in this blog.)

I believe one of the reasons why you’re bestfriends with the person you’re bestfriends with is normally due to the fact that you’re both almost exactly alike. Sya and I have been friends (or as everyone knows, “Twinsies”) for almost 4 years now. You wouldn’t really consider this the longest standing friendship in history but we’ve been through alot. And almost always one after the other, we seem to experience not only similar, but scarily exact situations in life. It’s weird.

Right now, again, we’re facing the same phase with 2 boys. My boy is her horoscope and her boy and I share good taste (its true). Both of us initially got attracted to boy A and B because we shared genres with respective boys. But somewhere along the way, this thing got serious. Seriously fucked up. Things with the IE twins are never simple. In fact, the more complicated it is, the more we dig it. Because it’s totally punk rock death progtal.

We’re girls with mentality that boys relate to. We fall in love with the wrong kind and attract the wrong kind. We share the same hopes and dreams with little additional factors that vary. Sya’s motivated but may sometimes get too caught up whilst I’m a realist and get too negative and give up. We set each other straight when we need to.

Sometimes, we’re only funny to each other.

Lastly, we’re both absolutely priceless.

I heart my bestfriend. ❤

Heart to Heart Shenanigans
Lyds – 5:55pm

P/s: Chris Adler and Ron Jarzombek together is pure magic. I want to marry both their abilities.




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