The Inspiration

7 06 2009
The epiphany overcomes me.

Since I’ve been so bloody down lately, I’ve decided to write it out. Into a book. It’s not going to be an autobiography… tsk. How self absorbed do you think I am????? Jeez…

I’ve just had this ability to commentate everything that happens, every day of my life since I was 13. Somedays, I’ll see a knife on the kitchen counter and go:

“The knife slowly sinks into her thoughts as her mind reels with possibilities of someone in this house, cleverly ushering an almost poetic sign of whats to come.”

This happens. I shit you not. My life is like a horror comedy and it’s only building its starting plot. You’ll never believe the kind of stuff that happens to me. The ironies and such. Absolutely ridiculous which is exactly why I think it’s such a fabulous idea for a book.

I had recently met with someone who has become a great lesson in my life. He happens to be a very attractive boy (who gets paid to look the way he does. hint hint) His life is basically a movie. Enchanted but full of drama. And anyone who’s had the great pleasure of being part of his life,(even for a span of a few days) will get pulled in to this magical world of the unexpected. I know I probably sound like a lunatic but this is true. Although all of us, as human beings have our own share of stories and great adventures, if you were part of this persons life, you’ll understand why it’s all so different.

I don’t have that kind of feelings for this guy. I honestly don’t. He’s the illusion every girl needs in her life. One she can look upon but can’t touch. (I’ve touched which had just ruined it completely for me.)

Even in real life, he’s not real. A poster. Plastic. Paper. Pauper to character. But enchanting. Charming. And worth that few minutes of your life. Everyone should meet someone like this. You’ll have an epiphany regarding all that is beauty and how useless it can be sometimes.


The events surrounding this boy I’ve met were nothing short of a fairy twist. It was like I was actually part of his movie plot and although I was probably just an extra, it felt good to have some screen time.

It is book worthy. That’s why I’m writing it. Of course, I’ve altered it just a little to have a nicer flow to the story. But MOST OF IT, is real.

I Shit You Not.

Inspiring Shannigans.
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