The Hangover is Inevitable and Everlasting

7 06 2009
Oh Joy, how i’ve missed you so.

I think its safe to say that I haven’t been genuinely happy for more than 5 minutes these past few months. I’m not quite certain what it feels like anymore. I think the last time I was Align Leftgenuinely happy was maybe last year.

24 October 2008.
Avenged Sevenfold.

Most ecstatic period of my life. October was the best month EVER! It’s the feeling of being excited for something. It’s the feeling of having a dream of yours come true. It’s a feeling, just like love. Of course, I love my Avenged Sevenfold. They’re one of my favourite bands (since waking the fallen thank you. I’m the bitch who’s hating on the newbies who think they know everything). The music makes me feel good and the fact that everyone else outside the Avenged circle hates the madness, it encourages me even more. Going against the flow, thats what its all about ladies and gents.

I don’t quite know what ABOUT the band that makes me so happy but they just do. Showmanship, catchy songs, deal with the devil… all my stuff right there. And something that made it extra special was that I actually got the drummer’s drumstick. I’ve never gotten one that was thrown aimlessly into the air. I CAUGHT IT. I say this because the first ever drumstick I’ve ever gotten from a rockstar was from Joey, the drummer of the click five. But he literally went up to me and placed it in my hand so by all acounts, it doesn’t count. Jimmy THREW his drumstick to the audience and AIIIIIII caught it. Of course, I had yelled at everyone who had their hands on it to get it but HEY, Lyds has got the steeeeeeeck. 😀


See Lyn in Red? i’m leaning on her and carmens next to her.
Sya was blocked by that asshole in black.

The STICK. 🙂

Till we meet again, Oh Joy.

Reminiscing Shannigans.
Lyds – 1:06am




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