6 06 2009
What’s with this WE thing?

Stop. Listen.
Or just shut the fuck up.

I’m hesitant to believe when my friends tell me the best characteristic I possess is the ability to stay patient with someone who’s difficult or to put it simply, a fucking pain in the ass. Heck, I was once bestfriends with a lunatic. I’m not kidding. Manipulative, greedy, envious, gruesomely cold hearted, this woman is the very reason Satan isn’t out of business. I’m not afraid to say this on a very public blog, at the risk of her reading because I’m pretty sure she knows shes psychotic. That person I was friends with for a long period of my life, was nothing but a road block. I achieved nothing from that friendship, other than a painful lesson in life.

With that, I’ve only learned to keep my thoughts to only a few I trust. A lot of the people I’ve had formed a bond with during that phase had turned against me, taking the side of the one causing the strain. I couldn’t believe what was going on at that point and that was the first I’ve seen of ..betrayal? I;m not sure if that is the right choice of word. They had no obligation to take my side but had the duty of at least getting to the bottom of the truth before doing what they did. I was appalled but there was a handful that saw the situation for what it was. I didn’t bother explaining myself to those who didn’t, nor did I start running my gob. I got in trouble for this because people were hearing more of the lies she was spreading like a plague and my favourite teacher somehow also got involved. I was just then percieved as the girl who gave up on a helpless soul. But no one saw that I was the one who needed rescuing.

Did keeping my mouth shut really benifitted me at all? Would I rather be satisfied being the only person who knew the truth or rant out my frustrations, and cause hurt for my own satisfaction?

I’ve yet to figure that out. But know this.

Yes, I am very tolerant when it comes to bullshit. I handle it very well. However, it is NOT an open invitation for you to keep agitating the grenade. WATCH what you say, choose your words wisely because there’s only so much this one person can take. And when its time for you to shut the fuck up, you SHUT THE FUCK UP.

I’m sick of people who think noone else matters but them. Stop and listen for a second and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two. I hope everyone of this kind find the person who mirrors their actions and let’s see how they survive feeling small all the fucking time.

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