Lya Gilbert Petrucci Hetfield

5 06 2009
So cry me a fucking river, BITCH.

I’ve managed a second not thinking about you
You’ve managed to find something/one esle to do.

Mission is ON THE WAAAAAAAAY!! I’m done with my first interview and I’ve got 2 more for the weekend. My brains a little rusty. I need to get back into shape!

Oh, I was out the whole day today going around Singapore looking for stickers to stick on my Little Lya. (For future references, Lya is my green acoustic guitar.)

I bought 2 individual stickers and 2 others that come in many many different variations. Now Lya looks like an Angsty Girlie Acoustic. Hahaha

Heavy Fucking Metal Acoustic. The Irony Was Intentional. The tiny thing in the corner
is a little burger. Another intentional doing. Somewhat memorabilia to Mr Burger. 🙂

A shiny skull to cover the crappy brand.
Haha. And yes my strings are green. 🙂

Shannigans Later!
Lyds – 2:49 am

Listening to:
Romance is Dead – Parkway Drive




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