Finally An Assignment!!

5 06 2009
Caffeine does not own me.

The sweaty burger has got me all in knots again.
How I wish something small I did would
make such a reaction for someone.
I wonder how it feels like to be broke and famous.

I’m working on 3 email interviews with bands I have honestly never heard of, until today of course. Some of those new American pop/punk bands that will probably be in the line up for warped tour.

Warped Tour had always been on my list of crucial tours to attend. Unfortunately, my music taste seem to have evolved along with age and I tend to expect more of the music industry. It’s awful that I just sometimes refuse to give bands a chance sometimes but I like what I like. Some things just don’t do it for me anymore. I’m not as easily impressed.

But working for SHOUT! has somewhat forced my ears open to some new stuff. I hate to admit it but its because of shout that my current favourite band is my favourite band right now. I won’t say what band but they’re the exact type of music that I’d condemn to the fiery blazes of hell, back in the day. Kids, good music is good music. If you like it, don’t force yourself to hate it just because your friends don’t think its cool. In secondary school, the people who made fun of me for liking Good Charlotte are now huge screaming teenies for that very band so I can tell you for a fact that the person telling you that your music is crap is just full of cow shit. Honest to blog.


Hopefully, if I stop procrastinating like I’m doing right now, I’ll get one band down today. Another tomorrow and the last on Sunday. Hand it in by Monday. That’s the plan. I’ll report back when/if I get this plan into motion.

Shannigans Later!
Lyds – 1:12 am

Listening to:
A Permanent Rain – The Dangerous Summer




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