My Invalid Reasoning

4 06 2009
I must really hate myself.

This is about my 100th blog on cyberspace and I seem to possess this urge to keep setting up new ones everyday of my life. It’s so easy, I just want to keep doing it. I rarely change layouts or add vivacious fonts or pictures. I believe the essence of a blog space is the words scripted, not the skin. Kinda like how everyone should see other people. Appreciation for beauty is one thing. Image obsession is another. I’m just saying.


My therapist a.k.a a random acquaintance of mine said to me the other day that I should let out my frustrations and talk about it to someone. He ended that topic with “It helps. I promise.”

I’m a shallow promises believer but very experimental when it comes to life. So I decided to try this shit out. The whole letting out your feelings thing. I’m not too keen on shoving my stupid ramblings up someones ass so a spark of brilliance encouraged me to start up ANOTHER blog. One reserved only for MY thoughts alone and nothing commercialized or the typical


There are so many things I can’t say on my archives page, so many things I can’t say on my myspace and facebook can eat shit. I have personal shared blogs with some special people whose thoughts genuinely inspire me but splattering brain guts on there is just like shoving stupid ramblings up their ass and I like these people too much to do that to them. You know who you are

Forbidden thoughts are Rad.

Shannigans Later!
Lyds – 2:34am

P/s: That’s the last time I’m using the word rad. I officially declare the term UNCOOL.




One response

6 06 2009

'Rad' is cool! I like using that term!

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