Emails and Bi Polar Bear

4 06 2009
I am completely and utterly exhausted.

I had major mood swings today. It scares the living bejesus outta me thinking it could be bi-polar disorder. I was awoken by a text message from my bestfriend about Lady Gaga. We’re trying to win tickets to no avail. We haven’t listened to the radio for centuries and was downright hating every minute of the gutting reunion. I was absolutely estatic to hear the Click 5. That’s not good at all.

I do like the Click 5 though. Is that chessy and lame? I don’t know. They’ve got catchy factor. Of course, having all 5 members graduating from MI, one of the most prestigious music universities in the wooooooorrrrrlllllldddddddddd!!!! They’d be chased down by the school with pork swords if they didn’t. I like the music but not so much the people. Douchebags.


I was all bubbly and happy in the morning. Switched on the stereo for the contest, switched to CD mode after I lost and started swaying around the room to Jason Mraz’s new record. Had an awesome pair of chocolate+vannila waffles and orange juice for breakfast. Lovely. Noone was home and I had never felt free-r.

Twittered all over the place and checked my email. Got a reply from Cathay about my job application.

Hi Lydia,

Noted on your reply. We will contact you by 10 Jun 09 if you are short-listed for interview.



Awesome. There’s hope. I hope.

Spent the next 4 hours floating basically. I did the dishes dancing around. I was, for no reason, happy.

At around 4:30pm, I baked myself a BEAUTIFUL looking cheese pizza. Its one of those put it in the oven for 10 mins and taadaaaaaa type of pizza. I usually have it UNDER cooked. Sometimes even not cooked at all it seems. But this time, I patiently did everything slowly and the most perfect little pizza was born. Best I’ve ever made. Just when my oven went DIIIIIIIING!, my parents came through the front door. They bought food. Great.

Suddenly, everything sorta just went downhill. I got so pissy afterwards and I had no idea why. It was a weird sensation. An out of body experience. I see myself acting like a total disgusting brat but that was all I felt I could do at that point. WATCH myself be a pain in the ass. It happens alot and I’ve yet to find an antidote.

7:30 and my sister is back from work. I was back to normal mode. My family decides to go bowling. It was awesome. I tripled my scores as we went along. I rocked.

Got home to about 8 emails. One of which was from my editor. It said:

hey 🙂
would you be able to do some phone interviews w/ bands here in the US? I’m not sure what the time differences are or if you’d be available around US bands’ schedules…

I was semi ecstatic. What a great opportunity! So of course, I replied:

Hey Ash 🙂

I honestly think its a great opportunity but I don’t think I can afford to pay the phone bill. I wish I lived closer to there. 😦 Rates to the US are crazy and we’re 24 hours ahead so I’d have to do interviews at the wee hours of the morning. Haha.

But if you need me to be a transcriber while Singapore is having this ridiculous musical drought, I’m game.

Oh yes ladies and gents, I suck. Or rather, my pocket sucks. I wish I had more money. If I did, FUCK phone interviews, I’ll go to their show! Every single fucking one of them. Goddammit.

So I’m stuck with email interviews for now. I hope this drought doesn’t last. I’d kill for an out of my room job.

Shannigans later.
Lyds – 4:01am




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